What the fuck is going on around here?

2009-03-11 13:15:08 by Bass-Grenade

Over the last two weeks or so the front page flash video winners are just huge pieces of shit that don't deserve any kind of publicity. I realize that Newgrounds is a site for people like that but usually, the front page artists that are featured are actually talented. Flash submissions like Jodi Arias, No Big Deal!?, Chainsawface, and Lin's Dick are making it and no one else is putting out anything that can compete with these?

If I took a shit in a tub and threw a bunch of ducklings in with a big box of cracker jacks, that would be exponentially better than these pieces of fucking human excrement. This shit is getting old, people!

Welcome to the Explosion

2009-02-12 09:02:06 by Bass-Grenade

I am the newest addition to the Newgrounds library of artists. For the time being, I will be submitting both old and new audio works that I have made. Some of these, as you can see, are just simple techno pieces that can be used in almost any fast-paced environment. Others are ambient noise loops or just plain strange audio I wrote during the wee hours of the morning.

Flash animations from myself and a close associate of mine will be coming soon.