Entry #2

What the fuck is going on around here?

2009-03-11 13:15:08 by Bass-Grenade

Over the last two weeks or so the front page flash video winners are just huge pieces of shit that don't deserve any kind of publicity. I realize that Newgrounds is a site for people like that but usually, the front page artists that are featured are actually talented. Flash submissions like Jodi Arias, No Big Deal!?, Chainsawface, and Lin's Dick are making it and no one else is putting out anything that can compete with these?

If I took a shit in a tub and threw a bunch of ducklings in with a big box of cracker jacks, that would be exponentially better than these pieces of fucking human excrement. This shit is getting old, people!


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2009-03-11 13:21:36

THANK FUCKING YOU! o my god! someone finally speaks out! LOL.
i agree. the only thing thats any good is the watchmen animation.
Well done for speaking out. I team up and agree this site is bombed with bullshitover the last couple of weeks. well, maybe you should make this cracker jack turd duckling animation and give em whats for!


2009-03-11 13:30:17

well, Racism i believe deserved front page, because it sent out a important message, but yes, half the shit on the front page is shit.


2009-03-11 15:25:58

NewGrounds is a Huge peice of SHIT Judging peoples work for gay views fame and money fuck NewGrounds Jews and FAGGOTS


2009-03-11 17:21:28