Entry #1

Welcome to the Explosion

2009-02-12 09:02:06 by Bass-Grenade

I am the newest addition to the Newgrounds library of artists. For the time being, I will be submitting both old and new audio works that I have made. Some of these, as you can see, are just simple techno pieces that can be used in almost any fast-paced environment. Others are ambient noise loops or just plain strange audio I wrote during the wee hours of the morning.

Flash animations from myself and a close associate of mine will be coming soon.


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2009-02-12 09:56:35

Welcome aboard, dude. Just make sure to post links to your stuff in the Audio Advertisements thread in the Audio Forum, it can really help you get some exposure and positive criticism. Hanging around the Forum couldn't hurt, either, as it will get you noticed by other artists on NG. ;D


2009-02-12 17:39:28

Well, thuse far your music has been enjoyible, I look fowered to your next submitions.


2009-02-13 06:37:21

Oh, btw, I noticed you already experienced the joys of zero-bombers, so I gave your songs some cosmetic fives. Hope it helps!